Changing Commercial Roofing

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No More Power

No More Pumps

No Electricity Needed

When it comes to the installation of roofing insulation, our Glue Cart™ offers a revolutionary system for the commercial roofing industry. The design is simple, which means repairs are simple – no more greasing internal parts to ensure glue is delivered through tubes. Better yet, there is no need to replace expensive pumps and other parts either! Our system uses compressed air to push glue through delivery tubes, which reduces the mess. Because we use compressed air delivered by argon gas, there is no need to rely on electrical power or backup generators. In addition to safety concerns, our revolutionary power system means no more interruptions:
Max Pressure GlueCart
  • No more crew standing around waiting on repairs
  • No more stopping construction due to a power failure
  • No more spending time cleaning the system

Check out our video demonstrating the ins and outs of operating our Glue Cart.

Forget the competition,
as the cheaper, safer, more reliable option –
We are the future of roofing glue delivery systems!

To Put it Simply

Glue Cart Argon Tank

Don't Replace Parts, Replace the Entire System

Our competitors use hydraulic pumps to dispense glue, which jam up over time, ruining the pumps. These can cost $1,200 to replace. Rather than replacing pumps, companies are opting to purchase Glue Cart and saving money in the process because Glue Cart doesn't use expensive parts.

commercial roofing parts

Keep Crews Working With Quick On-site Repairs

Don't leave your guys with nothing to do when the competitor's cart loses power or needs repairs. Our system allows for quick, on-site repairs so you don't waste precious time. And you can easily manage your power source by always having spare tanks on hand.

save money commercial roofing

Glue Cart Has Simplified Commercial Roofing

We have decades of experience roofing, and know the ins and outs of installing insulation. We are simplifying the process with the Glue Cart, not making it more complex.

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Glue Cart Will Save on Labor & Materials

Our system is so convenient that the night foreman can use it for the nightly tie in when bad weather is expected. This saves labor and materials.