How Is Our Glue Cart Better Than the Competition?

Glue Cart Argon Tank

Powered By Air

With our Glue Cart, there’s no need for an electrical power source or back-up generator. Argon Gas powers the glue delivery system using air pressure to push glue through delivery tubes.

save money commercial roofing

Savings on Parts

You can purchase 90% of replacement parts in the plumbing section of your local hardware store. Better yet – build a repair kit so you can make repairs on-site saving time and money.

commercial roofing staff

Safer for Your Crew

The Argon Gas system only allows 50lbs of pressure so you cannot overload the system, which means your crew is safer. The cart also has pivoting capabilities so workers won’t get trapped.

commercial roofing compact glue cart

Mobile, Lightweight Compact Design

With its convenient size, you can easily maneuver the glue cart over roofing landscapes, through doorways and into elevators. It also features a crane lift hook and can be easily moved with a forklift.

environmentally friendly commercial roofing

Environmentally Friendly

Our system uses refillable 55 gallon drums in both steel and plastic for glue components, which means less packaging and less time refilling. Plus, unlike traditional systems, you don’t use grease to clean the system.

commercial roofing increased production

Maximize Work Production

With our glue delivery system, there’s NO more crew standing around waiting on repairs, NO more stopping construction due to a power failure, and NO wasting glue LESS TIME refilling glue.

glue cart for commercial roofing