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glue cart for commercial roofing

The Glue Cart™ was designed by Paul Waelder, the foreman at Giarrosso Sheet Metal. Andy Shaffer brought the legal side to fruition with Pat Shaffer, President and Owner of Shaffer Building Services in Syracuse, New York. They spent three years on the roofs of buildings, testing out various designs, gradually improving the prototype over time.

Now Perfected, Customers Love the Simplicity of Glue Cart!
glue cart for commercial roofing

Our System Features:

  • Locking mechanisms so the barrels don’t move once the Argon Gas pressure is released
  • Distribution hoses (that can be replaced using parts from your local hardware store)
  • A drill bit to easily clear the dispensing tube tip (when necessary)
  • Simple tools to connect the tanks and get the system up and running
  • Clearly labeled compartments for canisters containing:

Glue Cart GlueGlue catalyst (Part A/Part 1)

Glue Cart HardenerGlue hardener (Part B/Part 2)

Glue Cart Argon Tank Argon Gas

Unlike competing systems, which use electricity and create opportunity for more things to go wrong, with our Glue Cart, YOU DON’T NEED TO:

  • Buy a generator as a back-up power source
  • Replace expensive hydraulic pumps that become clogged with glue
  • Use a voltage meter to know if incoming power is sufficient
  • Use a preserver to store glue for extended periods as there is no atmospheric introduction
  • Pump grease through the machine after every use to clean it – The only thing you need to grease is the wheels!

What Is the Glue Cart Used For?

Commercial roofers use glue to adhere insulation to building roofs. This is a more energy efficient insulation system. Previously, the industry used screws to attach insulation to a roof. However, heat and cool air escaped through gaps. Overall, this is a better system for the environment.